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ILIFE B5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2000Pa Suction Mop and Sweep 600ml Large Dustbox Real-time Drawing EU Version

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ILIFE B5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2000Pa Suction Mop and Sweep 600ml Large Dustbox Real-time Drawing EU Version

Nidec Brushless Motor Offers Powerful Suction

Up to 2000 Pa suction power is able to capture more microscopic dust, it is lower noise and long working life.

600ml Dustbin with 3-stage Filtration

The advanced dustbin isolates and captures trash and debris in different sizes of particles, increasing filtration efficiency and utilization of the dustbin.

1L Dust Bag

The provided large dust bag is convenient for you to replace with the dust bin. Just dispose of it after fully filled up.

Intelligent Vibrating Air Pump Control Water Tank

When the machine is paused, stopped, or trapped, it intelligently stops water seepage to prevent the floor from damaging.

Vacuum and Mop at the Same Time

B5 Max is designed with an external water tank to mop the floors while vacuuming, which effectively improves cleaning efficiency.

Convenient Control Via ILIFEHOME App

Operate B5 Max by setting via ILIFEHOME App anytime, anywhere.

Ultra-thin Body for Narrow Areas

With the compact design, B5 Max easily runs into the bottom of furniture to clean hard-to-reach areas.

Anti-tangle Suction Nozzle

B5 Max removes pet hair with the tangle-free suction nozzle, helping the pet owner to clean the pet's shed hair without effort.


It is equipped 6 groups of recharge sensors to improve recharge efficiency.



Brand: ILIFE
Type: Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Model: B5 Max
Color: Gradient Blue


Main Material: ABS
Filtration System: Cyclone+High Efficiency Filter/Dust Bag
Host Rated Voltage: 14.4V
Host Rated Power: 22W
Dust Tank Capacity/Material: 0.6L/ABS
Water Tank Capacity (L)/Material: 0.05L/ABS (Vibration air pump intelligent control water tank)
Water Volume Adjustment (1st gear 120, 2nd gear 100, 3rd gears 80, plus or minus 20 minutes): Soft, Standard, Powerful
Rag Area: 220 square centimeters
Suction Strength: Regular ≥800Pa; Max Mode ≥1500Pa; Emphasis ≥2000Pa
Detection System: OBS all terrain detection system
Button Type: touch screen keys
Battery Capacity: 2400mAh
Charging Time (min): <300
Working Time (min): >90
Fully Charged Cleaning Area: 120 square meters
Working Volume: Regular < 65dB, Max< 70dB
Charging Type: Auto
Working Mode: (Division) Bow, Random, Fixed, Max, Recharge, Reservation, Wet Mopping
Inverter Cleaning (Max): Yes
Automatic Escape Function: Yes
Navigation/Planning Functions: Gyroscopic planning
Mopping Mode: Yes
Automatic Obstacle Avoidance Function: Yes
Cliff Detection: Yes
Scheduled Appointment Function: Yes
Sweeping and Mopping: Yes
Roller Brush / Suction Port: Suction Port
OBS Obstacle Avoidance Sensor (group): 3
Cliff Detection Sensor(group): 3
Sensors Along the Wall (units): 2
Recharge Sensor: 6pcs
Universal Wheel Sensor (group): 1
Alexa Voice Control: Yes
Travel Speed: 13m/min
Remote Control Range: more than 4 meters
Gradeability (Slope Angle): 15 degrees
Obstacle Crossing Ability: ≤15mm
Applicable Ground (do not bring mop and water tank to work on carpet): Floor tiles, wood floors, carpets
Power Adapter Input Voltage (AC): AC 100-240V (50/60Hz)
Power Adapter Output Voltage/Current (DC): DC 19V/0.6A
Rated Output Voltage/Current (DC) of Charging Stand: DC 19V/0.6A
ILIFE APP (Alibaba Cloud Server): Yes, ILIFEHOME
Remote Control (up and down): Yes
Real-time Drawing: Yes

Weight & Size

Product Weight: 2.2kg
Package Weight: 4.1kg
Product Size(L x W x H): 315x300x76mm
Package Size(L x W x H): 420x380x131mm

Package Contents

1 x ILIFE B5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner
1 x Remote Control
2 x AAA Batteries
1 x Power Adapter (1.5m long)
1 x Charging Dock
1 x Cleaning Brush
2 x Bilateral Brushes
1 x Water Tank (with mop)
3 x Dust Bags
1 x High-efficient Filter
1 x User Manual

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