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ILIFE W455 Floor Washing Robot 1000Pa Suction Shinebot Gyroscope Camera Navigation 900ml Water Tank APP Control EU Version

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ILIFE W455 Floor Washing Robot 1000Pa Suction Shinebot Gyroscope Camera Navigation 900ml Water Tank APP Control EU Version

Camera Navigation

It can scan the home environment 360 degrees around, enhance positioning, and plan cleaning.

Clean/Dirty Water Separation

It has an 850ml clean water tank and a 900ml dirty water tank, which can ensure cleaning efficiency.

4 Steps Cleaning

Moisten: Dampens the floor with clean water.

Scrub: Ultrafine fiber roller deeply washes the floor with gentle scrubs at a high frequency.

Suction: Superior suction removes dirty water. Switch to Max mode for stronger suction power.

Scrape: The scraper wipes off the residues, leaving the floor spotless.

App Control via ILIFEHOME

With the app control, you can set the cleaning area, cleaning plan, water flow, moving speed, suction, cleaning time, and so on. 

3 Cleaning Modes

Path Mode: Cleans the floor methodically for the largest coverage, without repeating or missing any areas.

Area Mode: Cleans up a 25x25 square meters area in front of the washing robot.

Spot Mode: Deeply clean the area in a spiral pattern for removing stubborn stains.

Real-time Voice Broadcast

It can track the machine's working status in real time.

OBS All-Terrain Detection System

Equipped with the whole set of terrain detection sensors, W455 autonomously handles the cleaning tasks without accidental bumping or dropping.




Brand: ILIFE
Type: Floor Washing Robot
Model: W455
Color: Black + Silver


Main Material: IML Panel
Filtration System: Filter (at the fan)
Host Rated Voltage: 14.4V
Host Rated Power: 29W
Water Tank Capacity (L)/Material: Clear water tank 0.85L/(no clear water alarm); sewage tank 0.9L/ABS (sewage full alarm)
Suction Strength: Regular ≥800Pa; Max Mode ≥1000Pa
Detection System: OBS all terrain detection system
Button Type: 2 mechanical buttons + indicator light
Battery Capacity: 2900mAh
Charging Time (min): <300
Working Time (min): ≥80
Working Volume: Regular < 65dB, Emphasis < 70dB
Charging Type: Manual
Working Mode: Area, bow, fixed point
Inverter Cleaning (Max): Yes
Automatic Escape Function: Yes
Navigation/Planning Functions: Gyro + Camera Navigation
Mopping Mode: Sprinkling + brushing, scraping + recycling
Automatic Obstacle Avoidance Function: Yes
Cliff Detection: Yes
Voice Function: English
Roller Brush / Suction Port: (Microfiber material) roller + suction port
OBS Obstacle Avoidance Sensor (group): 7
Cliff Detection Sensor(group): 3
Sensors Along the Wall (units): 2 (left and right along the wall)
Universal Wheel Sensor (group): 1
Sewage Level Detection: 1
Alexa Voice Control: Yes
Travel Speed: Area 8m/min; planning 8m/min; (varies according to setting)
Remote Control Range: more than 4 meters
Obstacle Crossing Ability: ≤3mm
Applicable Ground (do not bring mop and water tank to work on carpet): Hard floors: such as floor tiles, wood floors, plastic floors, etc.
Power Adapter Input Voltage (AC): AC 100-240V (50/60Hz)
Power Adapter Output Voltage/Current (DC): DC 19V/0.6A
Rated Output Voltage/Current (DC) of Charging Stand: DC 19V/0.6A
ILIFE APP (Alibaba Cloud Server): Yes, ILIFEHOME
Remote Control (up and down): Yes
Real-time Drawing: Yes, fill the grid

Weight & Size

Product Weight: 3.3kg
Package Weight: 5.85kg
Product Size(L x W x H): 282x292x118mm
Package Size(L x W x H): 410x396x208mm

Package Contents

1 x ILIFE W455 Floor Washing Robot
1 x Remote Control
2 x AAA Batteries
1 x Power Adapter (1.5m long)
1 x Charging Dock
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Filter (water tank installed)
1 x Roller (host installed)
1 x Scraper Strip (water tank installed)
1 x User Manual

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