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ZENDURE SuperBase Pro 2096Wh Portable Power Station, Charge to 80% in 1 Hour, 2000W Output, Built-in 4G IoT, App Control

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Charge to 80% in 1 Hour
With our patented GridFlow technology, you can charge SuperBase Pro 2000 at up to 1800W from an adequate AC outlet or generator. A full charge is just two hours away.
2000W AC Output, Ampup to 3000W
With 2000W of AC output and 3000W Ampup capability, you can power your microwave, washing machine, coffee maker, or other essentials around the house.
2,096Wh Large Capacity
SuperBase Pro 2000 is the perfect power solution for on-the-go events. Devices such as laptops, LED lamps, drones, mini fridges, and projectors can be powered by it for a prolonged period.
Equipped with UPS
SuperBase Pro has household-grade Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) functionality built right in. Simply connect the SuperBase Pro 2000 to a power outlet and connect your essential device to the SuperBase Pro 2000.
3,000 Cycles Battery Life
SuperBase Pro 2000 uses Li-NMC batteries to achieve 3,000 life cycles and runs to 80% capacity.
Handle and Wheels Design
With industrial-grade wheels, a telescopic aluminum handle, and a low center of gravity, SuperBase Pro is designed with "anytime, anywhere" in mind.
6.1-inch Clear Display
The 6.1-inch display shows real-time information about power usage, remaining charge, environmental conditions, and so much more.
4G IoT and App Control
SuperBase Pro has built-in GPS and 4G IoT (Internet of Things) hardware, so as long as you've got a 4G signal, you can manage your power station from anywhere. 
Our companion app for SuperBase Pro gives you remote control, location services, and access to lots of advanced features.



Type: Power Station
Model: SuperBase Pro
Color: Grey Black


Capacity: 2,096Wh
Temperature: Discharge -20 to 60 degree Celsius (-4 to 140 Fahrenheit) / Charge 0 to 45 degree Celsius (32 to 113 Fahrenheit)
Cycle Life: 3,000
AC Output: 2,000W
AC Outlets: 4
Recharging Time: 2 H
Built-In Adapter: 1,800W
USB Ports: 2 x PD 100W each, 2 x PD 20W total, Total 220W
Solar Input: 1,800W, 60-160V, AC Input 600W, 12-60V, XT60
Display: 6.1inch Large Display
Battery Cells: Li-NMC
AC Charging: 1,800W MAX, 220-240VAC
Solar Charging: XT60, 600W Max, 12-60V DC AC Input, 1,800W Max, 60-160VDC
Car Charging: Supports 12/24V
4 x AC: 2,000W Max (220-240V)
1 x Car Outlet: 13.6V/10A Max
3 x DC5521: 13.6V/10A Max
USB-C(1): 5V-20V, 100W Max
USB-C(2): 5V-20V, 100W Max
USB-C(3)(4): 5V-12V, 20W Max Total

Weight & Size

Product Weight: 18.8kg
Package Weight: 25.09kg
Product Size(L x W x H): 44.6x27.6x35.2cm
Package Size(L x W x H): 51x33x44cm

Package Contents

1 x ZENDURE SuperBase Pro Power Station
1 x MC4 to AC Female Cable
1 x MC4 to XT60 Cable
1 x AC Cable
1 x USB-C to USB Adapter
1 x Accessory Pouch
1 x User Manual

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