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GOGOBEST GF700 26*4.0 Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike 17.5Ah Battery 500W Dual-Motor 6061 Aluminum Alloy Frame

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GF700 eBike offers three riding modes that vary in motor output and electric assist levels.

Throttle Only with 100% Power Output
Don’t sweat it (literally), throttle-only mode puts the “fly” in GOGOBEST. By engaging the electric throttle, you propel the bike forward without having to pedal and become a champion of your commute. GF700 eBike can reach top speeds of 50km/h in this battery-powered mode, allowing you to truly soar through the streets. Throttle-only mode is perfect for a commute when you don't want to show up exhausted or sweaty from the exertion of traveling. It's also great for conquering steep hills, transporting groceries, or giving your legs a rest on a joy ride. 

Pedal Assist with 10% - 80% Power Output
This mode only gives power when you start to pedal. It feels just like a normal bike except with a little help from the motor to get you up those hills. This mode features 1-5 gears which respectively delivers 10% - 80% electricity. Using the lowest setting will give you a little electric assist, making you feel like you are exercising or riding a regular bike. While the highest setting gives you a bigger boost of power, getting you to your destination much quicker without breaking a sweat.

Pedal Only with 0 Power Output
Like the name implies, just pedal and go. Riding an eBike in pedal-only mode essentially turns off the “e” in eBike – it’s just like riding a conventional bike with no electric power. Pedal-only mode is a great way to get in some exercise on weekend trail rides.

Dual-motor Driver
The dual-motor driver provides 500wx2 super power to accelerate to full speed in just 4.9 seconds and climb up to a 45 degrees slope to help you conquer steep hills. The dual-motor driver design also improves energy efficiency conversion rate and this is reflected in the boosted performance in speed, stability, braking and climbing ability.

Hydraulic Brake
When you press on the brake lever, the liquid inside the hydraulic brake will produce fluid pressure to halt the motor. Thanks to the “auxiliary” force of the fluid pressure, you can apply less pressure at the lever for an equal level of braking power.


Size Material 6061 Aluminum alloy frame
  Unfolded size 192*72*116cm
  Package Size 148*29*77cm
  Wheel 26*4.0
Performance Gross weight 37.5KG
  net weight 31.5KG
  Load 200KG
  Applicable height 170-210cm
  Max speed 50
  Max grade 45°
  Waterproof degree IP54
Standards The charger 48V
  Battery capacity 17.5AH
  Controller current  15 2A
  Control system Brushless controller
  Wattage of single motor 500W
  mileage Electric mode is about 50KM/assisted mode is about 70KM
  Charging time 4-8 hours
  Brake Hydraulic brake
  Controller voltage 48V
Package contents 1x GF700 Electric Moped Bicycle  
  1x Wrench  
  1x Multi-function wrench  
  1x tool  
  1 x Charger  
  1 x User Maual  
  1 xProduct Atlas  

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