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Mecpow H44 440*440mm Laser Engraver Honeycomb Working Table Board Platform for Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

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Great Compatibility
The Mecpow honeycomb table is designed to work with various laser engraving machines for versatile use, such as diode laser engravers and CO2 laser engravers. The honeycomb design ensures optimal stability and precision, allowing you to achieve better engraving works.
Better Engraving Effect
Thanks to the open structure of the honeycomb, it can achieve optimal air flow, effective smoke exhaust and efficient heat dissipation, which ensures the edges of the wood are neat and clean and avoids darkening or warping of the material caused by smoke.
Sufficient Engraving Area
The H44 honeycomb working table features a size of 440x440 mm that provides sufficient space for engraving a variety of items or for engraving multiple small items simultaneously.
Easy Observation
The honeycomb table has a clever cut-and-see design. As the laser slices through wood or acrylic, the metal plate at the base of the honeycomb emits a radiant light, indicating that the cut has been successfully made. This feature helps you to determine whether the material has been fully penetrated, making the honeycomb table an excellent tool for precision cutting and engraving.
All-Metal High Flatness
Made of aluminium alloy and crafted with high-precision CNC technology, the honeycomb board features a solid structure and high flatness, ensuring that it won't deform easily.
Enhanced Desktop Protection
The aluminium desktop plate works as a strong shield that protects your table from any damage caused during the laser engraving and cutting process.



Brand: Mecpow 
Type: Honeycomb Working Table
Model: H44
Color: Black


Material: Aluminum Alloy
Working area:400*400mm
Product Size(L x W x H): 440x440x22mm

Weight & Size Product Weight: 1.8kg
Package Weight: 2.19kg
Product Size(L x W x H): 440x440x22mm
Package Size(L x W x H): 500x500x52mm
Package Contents

1 x Honeycomb Working Table
1 x Aluminum Plate
10 x Plastic Nail
10 x Silicone Pad

What's in the box?

1 x Honeycomb Working Table
1 x Aluminum Plate
10 x Plastic Nail
10 x Silicone Pad

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